10 Lies About Writing That Might Be Holding You Back

4. If writing is a struggle for you, it must not be “for you.”

1. Once you decide on a writing goal, you can never change it.

2. You should never tell other people about your ideas.

3. You need to have an advanced degree in writing or a related subject to be successful.

4. If writing is a struggle for you, it must not be “for you.”

5. If you don’t write every single day, you’re less likely to succeed than writers who do.

6. Only people who started writing when they were very young will become successful writers later in life.

7. If you’re below or above a certain age, it’s too early/too late for you to start writing.

8. You should aim to get published on the first try. (Rejection isn’t just normal — it’s beneficial.)

9. If you work on a project for more than a few years, it’s a lost cause.

10. Writers do it all alone — they don’t need anyone’s help, encouragement, or support. It’s not worth it.

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